onwards we adventure

The year that was.Time to reflect.Think about the future.Discuss what we want to do.Yeah, these are all things we do at the end of one year as the clock ticks over to midnight and 365 days are sitting there in front of us. Just waiting to be filled with our good intention.And there are always … Continue reading onwards we adventure

Post workout recovery – what I choose to do.

  If there's one thing I've learnt through long runs and marathon training, it's how I like to recover after a long run. Short runs, like a five or ten k requires a slightly vastly different routine than that of a 20+ km run. Not having the time to do my usual recovery session recently, I … Continue reading Post workout recovery – what I choose to do.

Diet. Lifestyle choices. Culinary intake.

Last night's weight in was not pleasing but expected. A minor gain which is understandable given my body has been in recovery mode. But now to my general diet and what I do. Yesterday's post was highlighting the worst I can do. Even being on a lifestyle plan. It's not a diet, it's a change … Continue reading Diet. Lifestyle choices. Culinary intake.

(bad) Food! and exercise

I have a really good appetite.  I love food. Good food, Bad food.  Pretty much all food. I'm not overly fussy when it comes to eating. Give me a super sized steak and I'll demolish it in no time. Complete with lashings of hot mustard.  I like desserts, but it's not a sweet tooth I … Continue reading (bad) Food! and exercise

welcome to the world of crazy chick running

I love running. there is a certain freedom that comes with plugging in some pumping music and hitting the road. Or the trails. Just you and the disappearing k's. What started as a way to have absolute me time has turned into something of an obsession. Even on days where physically I don't want to, I mentally … Continue reading welcome to the world of crazy chick running