Diet. Lifestyle choices. Culinary intake.

Last night’s weight in was not pleasing but expected. A minor gain which is understandable given my body has been in recovery mode.
But now to my general diet and what I do. Yesterday’s post was highlighting the worst I can do.
Even being on a lifestyle plan. It’s not a diet, it’s a change of diet. An improvement of my culinary intake. Ok, a change of diet.
I am good with my breakfasts and my dinner – portion control. It’s the snacks and lunch I have trouble with.
And caffeine. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my coffee. I can’t (won’t) exist until I’ve had that first one.
I’ve tried the lemon juice in warm water and wasn’t impressed. I’d rather a proper hot lemon tea. Which I have started using as an alternative to that extra coffee, or if I want a soothing drink after dinner, mid morning…whenever.
So I can have two coffees in quick succession first up. Followed by up to 4 or 5 more. Depending on the day or my mood.
I digress. Back to food. Breakfast consists of many different things.
– Greek yoghurt with muesli and fruit
– eggs on toast
– straight toast* with jam and vegemite
– egg and bacon (with no bread)
– banana and egg no flour pancakes
– baked beans
All easy and filling meals.
*Toast. I am not gluten intolerant. I have no intolerance or allergy to any food. I have found however that basic white or wholemeal bread was making me feel bloated and sludgy. And giving me a little heartburn (which may be more attributed to my age than anything).
So I stopped eating it completely. And felt so much better. Then got those bread-carb cravings. Enter the bread challenge. Finding a loaf that would fill the void and not leave me feeling crap.
Only problem is now I am eating too much of it because it is so nice.

For snacks I try to eat fruit but sometimes I need a little sweetness or some savoury chips. I have ‘diet’ snacks, from weight watchers which I know are half decent for me. I try not to eat too many of them though.
Nuts are good, but I’ve never been good at nuts. I know I should, but just can’t get into it.

Dinner in my house really hasn’t changed  much, I am simply keeping an eye on my portion size. If my boys want to go the deep fried/super fatty thing I have one item and fill up on salad or vegetables.
Pasta is my killer. And rice. Do not put a bowl of pasta in front of me. I will want to inhale it. Self control. Deep breath in. And out. Leave the pasta alone.


This was my breakfast today (2 eggs fried with a little cheese and bbq sauce) and lunch will be something very small. Maybe a cruskit with avocado or a salad. Dinner will be whatever is found in the freezer. Or the supermarket.
Saturday nights here is pizza night. Life wouldn’t be worth living if I chose to get rid of it.
I make my own bases (flour, water, oil and yeast) so they are free from preservatives and other rubbish. I am looking for a nice gluten free base to make for myself so I can still enjoy it without the after effects.

With an appetite as voracious as mine I have to work hard.

Training, commitment and victory – it’s all applicable no matter what the goal.


Thoughts and considerations...

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