Getting back into it

Twenty 20 and 2021 were pretty crazy years by anyone’s standards, and I was one of the many who completely lost it and did no exercise, or very little. I am now in a new place, literally and figuratively, and it’s time to get right back into it.
I have moved interstate and amongst other things, there are bike tracks everywhere and it is so easy to get around, I would have to be a dumbass to not do anything. Stupid temperatures aside, it is a wonderful place to live and get out and enjoy the beautiful place we live in.

We sold our road bikes as we didn’t use them really for their intended use. We had our mountain bikes shipped, one at a time, while we spent the months in separate states, occasionally travelling to and fro amid covid lockdowns. Now we are all together, three of us (youngest son came with me) and our bikes live on the balcony of an already small apartment. Which isn’t too bad, the weather is pretty good, doesn’t rain too much, however we have to play musical bikes to get them inside, then down a flight of stairs, into the list and down another flight of stairs, just to go for ride. Oh, did I forget to mention, we live on the fifth floor.

I have to get out and explore and there are loads more places you can go with a bike than a car (we also only have one of those currently) and it helps me with locations, directions and actually seeing what is out there. So each week I make it a priority to get the bike and ride 15 odd kms somewhere, each week furthering my radius.

Ok, so the bike is sorted, what abut my running. Well, after some injury I ended up taking two years off, ugh, feeling so sluggish and dreadfully unfit. I have decided that after summer and it’s 45C upwards (those with fahrenheit, you’re looking upwards of 110), once I’ve lost a few kilos, and gained back some fitness through my riding, I will get into the couch to 5k. After all, it’s been long enough that I feel like I am starting from the beginning again. Slow and steady will be the go. I’m not sure, and I really have no goals on this aside from getting back to running, so I can choose to go a 5k run, or a healthy walk with my husband. I’ll always be the runner in the family, even though if he tried, (and wanted to) the hubster would be a pretty good 5k sprinter.

Last but not least. Eat. I do enjoy my food, and there are many wonderful options here. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to work it. I work part time, and hubby is week on week off. Smoothies for breakfast are a must and doing what I can to cut down on the crazy carbs like bread, pasta, rice and spuds. The sweet things I can manage because I only need to look at them and I put weight on. I have a love hate relationship with food that has hit the next level – my age and the stubbornness of getting to the pre-menopausal age where weight becomes so much heavier to carry, and harder to lose.

That concludes my first post for 2022 with a few thoughts on where I’m at and a basic plan.
I have a few other plans up my sleeve and will let them out a bit later on.
Let’s hope the (covid) challenges are few and good times/training plenty.

Thoughts and considerations...

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