welcome to the world of crazy chick running

I love running. there is a certain freedom that comes with plugging in some pumping music and hitting the road. Or the trails. Just you and the disappearing k’s. What started as a way to have absolute me time has turned into something of an obsession. Even on days where physically I don’t want to, I mentally need to go running. I have to do it. It’s become a way of life.

I’m still at the very beginner stage. And while I may never get to peak athleticism, I am willing to put it all out there, give it a go and if all I get out of it is a fit and strong body then I’ll be happy. And sexy legs that look good is shorts or a mini skirt.. yes please.

I want to use this blog to share my diet, training regime – outside of simply running, my times and where I run, as well as other running related problems, thoughts and experiences.
When I find a pre weight loss and running journey picture of me that I like I will post it (cue body issues and discomfort of seeing myself overweight and unfit). Sharing the ups and downs of the running life. And how my body will change for the better because of it.
I am not a gym freak, but know that running alone will not tone up the jiggly bits. Running is my preferred option, but I know that the extra workouts will help over all with my strength, speed and stamina. And really, who doesn’t want a fit, strong body.

I went looking for a running quote and found so many I will include one to each post or as inspiration for each day.
Jen 🙂


Thoughts and considerations...

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