Exercise sticks

Day 3 with my funky exercise sticks and all is going well. I don’t want to say it’s been easy, the combinations have been workable, with nothing too strenuous. That being said I will now have several days of hard work ahead of me.

I have found it easy to actually get in and do it. For 4 days this week I’ll be doing 12 hr days then travelling, so I shall ask hubby to get my sticks out each day. Then next week I am travelling interstate for 3 days – not sure whether I’ll get to a gym, a park or anything for a good cardio workout – so will be taking some sticks to do the very minimum.
It’s all about getting in a routine!

For a quick test, I’m going to take a few measurements and see how I fare after the first fortnight.

Exercise sticks at the ready

I’ve finally got around to getting these funky little things organised. An itty bitty bin of coloured paddle pop sticks at the ready. There are about 12 of each colour so I have nearly a fortnight worth of fun in each category.
What I’m going to like is that every day will be different. I won’t get bored by doing the same things all the time. And when I start the tub over, it will be different again. EVERY workout will be different. My body won’t know what has hit it. It will work doubly hard. Not knowing what will come next.
I’m getting excited about this.


I have sticks for arms, legs, butt, abs, shoulder and back.