A new routine

I wrote a little while a go about my strength workouts.

They are working a treat. If I miss more than one day (I try to get a short run in every second day) I actually miss it. For anyone who knows me, this is a big thing. I’ve never been that into gym workouts. Even just at home.

Over the last month I have worked through different styles and figured out what works and what I am gaining out of it.

From this I have a base workout and then I add in something for arms, core, legs and back. This is what I will be doing for a while to come. It’s part of my day now, stretching at least anyway.

I have a sort attention span for these things so my pan of making it a short workout has been working really well. I am sticking at it, (starting to see small results👍) and it feels good. So I want to continue. And that was the point.

I may not be spending an hour or more a day on this but I’m making the effort,  and not just slobbing on the couch, so I’m winning already.


Keep moving, and keep healthy, Jen