GCAM, itb and training -working title-

img_1722 img_1728

There’s 16-17 weeks til GCAM and I’m still barely able to finish 5-6kms. To say I’m not happy is an understatement.

My strength training is coming along nicely, I’m seeing results and certain movements are way more comfortable and easy to do. Like squats – helloo…Yes please! And lunches, lunges, side leg lifts, fire hydrants  – I can see these are all working. My legs have a leaner look to them, and I feel stronger. I love how I feel right now doing these workouts.

My itb. Well there’s another thing. Some days it’s good, some days not so much. I’ve seen the kinesiology chiropractor and he’s helped with one thing but I’d like to see the physio and see what they have to say. Then decide if I want to visit the chiro again.

We have also decided that GCAM will be my only race for this year. No worrying about any other races, and concentrating on my training. Simply recoup, relax and rehabilitate so I can train properly for the big one. After that there is really only a couple of races I may be interested in doing – Ross half marathon and Point to Pinnacle, conquer the mountain! –

Pictures – foot notes and motivation wraps from the amazing Momentum Jewelry.

Run strong and keep up your stretching, Jennifer


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