Kinesiology. Chiropractor.

After some hesitation I made the booking and  attended my second only chiropractic appointment. With a kinesiologist chiropractor. And he worked his magic on me. Today however, it feels like post massage day. I’m a little achy and my knee/shin still hurts. So what do I do now?
Well, I keep doing what I have been and hope that afte a day or two the knee settles and I can start training again (Four months til marathon day and I have to get my act together!).

I’ve not ever been a fan of chiropractors after seeing my husband have to deal with them when he was younger. It wasn’t nice. So imagine my surprise a few years ago when a friend suggested this ‘holistic’ (that’s what I’ve nicknamed him) chiropractor she swore by. She’s totally new age and right into all natural remedies etc. I trust pretty well all she has to say so I went to see this guy.

He was amazing. He twigged and poked and moved my LEFT leg all over. I’d gone in about my RIGHT leg. So I was a bit of a convert.  I ran my fastest 5k I’d done the very next day.

I had no issue with my leg from that point. A few niggles, but nothing major like now.

So off I go to see this guy yesterday and tell him about my running (don’t ask what he then said to me) and what I’ve been up to. Again, he twigs and pokes and asks lots of questions. He checks my feet to see if it’s the shoes. No. All good. Then there’s mention about pillows…what?  My issue is stemming from my neck apparently.

He’s finished and I get up off the couch feeling amazing. Like I’ve had a sleep, and a massage. Wow. So good. And then today. I’m thinking I’ll get a run in and do a nice 5k followed by strength work.  Well, I started and the pain kicked in straight away. Bugger, noooo. Why. What is going on? I’ll give it another day and see how it goes.

Tomorrow is another day.

Stay safe and train well.


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