RTB#17 -5k

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do 5k races. These days it’s like a warm up and while the idea of a sub 30 time is nice it’s just not on my radar. I prefer to just run it and save my energy for longer runs and be able to last the distance of a half or full marathon. Not sprint for 24-27 mins. For me to get those times that what it would feel like. Sprinting. I’m a distance pacer and always have been, even in high school.

Back to tomorrow’s race. I did this one last year and made good time, only just missed the 60min mark and loved every minute of it. A short but thoroughly enjoyable race. Around the coastline and over our iconic Tasman Bridge. One of the many Run the Bridge races across the world. And your choice of either 10k run or 5k run and walk.
When I first registered for this one last year I was preparing. Self to push hard and get an official sub 60 when we ran it again. My body had other ideas though, and this week I had to downgrade to the 5k run. I’m disappointed but would rather play it safe than risk further injury.
My runs during this last few weeks have been extended to 4 and 6kms which were easy enough with not too much pain involved at all. My strength training is paying off nicely.

That being said, I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m hopeful. And yes I’m looking forward to it. The nerves are part ‘ normal nerves’ and part ‘omg, I’m still in recovery mode nerves’.
I’m hoping that my post tomorrow afternoon will be a positive ‘yeah I did I, it rocked and I’m all good to go further, faster and stronger!’ post. I feel this way no matter what, just in the heat of the moment (or cool as the weather is planning otherwise) I’d like to think I can be mature with my result, regardless of what it is.

My number for tomorrow…

Thoughts and considerations...

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