Exercise that is not running (getting started)

There is one door in my house that is nearly half covered in A4 paper with several body part workouts. Arms, legs, abs, the LBD workout, a full body challenge.. you name it I’ve printed it out and it’s up there ready for me to do something about it.
I know that running (and diet) alone is going to stop the jiggly bits, give me toned legs and arms, fix the belly flab and give me a strength outside of distance I just have trouble getting started. I know that getting started is the hardest part. And it is never as hard as you convince yourself it will be. It’s about looking at the big picture. Seeing the end results. Imagining that feeling of having done it. Knowing that you did it.  You pushed through (I feel psyched up just writing this and ready to leave you hanging so I can go do it..)!

I bought myself a women’s running magazine yesterday. Thinking maybe it will help me push through that barrier I have in my head.  Rather than looking at what was on the cover I picked one that looked pretty, that looked more like my calibre. Not advertising shakes and supplements. No professional looking mumbo jumbo. Just good old information. And inside. Holy wow. So much great stuff. Lots of new workouts (to put on the wall) and some great recipes as well.  There is one I really want to try to will post about it.

It got me thinking – these new mini workouts. How do I go about organising what I do and when. Do I try to make them a daily thing. Or like a friend does and have a leg day, arm day etc. Have the whole body workout I do everyday, so when I’m not able to run I’m not lost or struggling.
Aside from my runs which take from 30mins – these workouts are like 10 min jobs.  I can do them anytime I want.
I found one in the magazine that I would like to fall out of bed and do. The Good Morning Exercise! Not the full 3 sets, just one set to pick me up first thing in the morning. Especially on those day I need to run out the door.  A little kick-start.
On days I run I can then adjust it to having a body part day.
The last two weeks of May will be super busy with definitely no time for a proper run which means I have to get this into a habit. And now! Where to start?

My workouts on the wall as we speak – dancers legs beginner arms, simple Abs workout, 30 day LDB challenge, 21 day arm challenge,  30 day all body workout x 2.  To add to that the Skinny jeans workout (4 weeks), Booty camp and the shoulder shapers.
I need to find that thing to help me push past this mind fuck barrier of getting started. Getting started sucks.

Sometime later after I went off and googled ‘how to set up an exercise routine’ … and was subsequently overwhelmed by the response. There are many ways – which all are dependant on what goals you want to meet – to set up your own routine.
I like pictures so went through the images folder to see if something caught my eye.  The thing with me is that I get bored with doing the same thing all the time. Running wont bore me as there is always times, distance and pace to challenge me. So making each day a set thing will probably piss me off eventually.
What I found though, was a neat concept. Probably done by someone similar to me and/or a million times before. Coloured popsicle sticks with an exercise written on them. For each day, pick one of each colour and do what it says. This way each day I wont know what is coming and am more likely to be willing.
Tomorrow I shall pick up said sticks and start filling them out.

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