I run. Therefore I am.
Sometimes it’s hard, it’s painful and I want to stop.
I push through. I make it work.
Because I love it.
I run for mental and physical health.
I run because I love the feeling of freedom.
I run because I love the challenge.

  • I’m a 40+ year old mother of three who has always enjoyed running.
  • Nothing for 15+ years after high school.
  • The weight came and went and came again, I was unfit and unhappy.
  • So I started walking 5k a day until I was bored with the speed. I started running and I was hooked once again.
  • That was mid 2014.
  • 2015 – I started booking up races, starting with a half marathon.
  • 3 years on and I have run a marathon, a bunch of halves, many 10’s and a few 5’s.
  • what I have learnt along the way is immeasurable and life long.

I run because I can.
I run because it is fun.
I run to have complete and absolute ‘me’ time.
I run for health and fitness.
I run because I love how I feel afterwards.
I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment after a long hard session.
I run because I love to eat. A lot.
I run because it is simply amazing to get out there and just do it!

Tell me.. why don’t you run? Why do you run?

Jan 2020.
After 3 years (2018-2018) of non stop training and racing I have to pull up due to injury.
I spend 2019 doing smaller runs and adding strength workouts to help regain some fitness.
2020, I am back and ready to continue strength and run my way. Over weight due to several life circumstances that zapped any motivation and oomph to exercise. Ready to kick some arse.

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