I’ve learnt more in the last month than I did all last year about my body.
ITB. It’s a pain in the leg.

Firstly, I should have been doing strength exercises a long time ago. I do know this of course, I was just too lazy and didn’t realise the impact it would have on me.
I learnt the sore knee I’ve had on and off for a few years has been ITB in the making. As in, with everything I have and have not done this was bound to happen. It would niggle occasionally but not to the extent I was stopped completely.
My research has shown me how it happened and how I can fix it, which means I can work on prevention.

So how did it happen. Missing those pivotal long runs, and several short ones, in the lead up to the marathon was it. Lack of stretching and strength also played their own part. It would be like having only run ever 10kms and then deciding to run a marathon with no extra training. The leg, and in particular, the it-band is going to give way and say ‘no more’.

Late last year I had made the decision to add more strength workouts into my routine, for me and my running. Well, it came about a little too late. The damage was done and I was about to witness it in all its agonising glory.

Recovery for this has numerous parts.
No running, or very little and definitely no declines. Foam, or stick rolling my legs more. More stretching before (and after) runs and workouts. Strength workouts specifically for the ITB and hips. Taping the area. Last but not least a visit to the physio. All of this is fine, I need to go for advice (what to and not to do), then maybe occasional visits.
During my self-imposed break from running I have been doing the exercises and had three days of rock tape on my leg. Wow. While still sore in places in feels 100%. I know that running on it will have to be done in short bursts – I’ve managed to get up to 4kms before it hurts. Slowly slowly. The tape has been so good on my leg. I have found it supports and helps relieve the muscles to the extent I can move without it being too painful.

It’s driving me nuts, not running like I used to. I want to get out there and just run, my heart and head say ‘do it’, my body on the other hand (more specifically, my knee) says not today, give it a break. I know this is good for me, the rest and letting my knee heal and I try not to be impatient as I still have many years of running left in me. I will not let this be the end of me.

Keep active and look after yourself, Jen


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