Back in my running shoes

After a long break away from activity (any activity) there is always something apprehension when you’re ready to start again.  I’ve had this crazy cold that decided to hang around for two weeks, (I still have a weird silly cough thing happening) I didn’t want to push it with the cold wind in my throat by getting out there. That’s how I got the cold in the first place.  Even on sunny days I gave it a miss. I wanted to make sure I was feeling top dog before I headed out again.
Put it simply, sunny days made me depressed. I missed my running.
That apprehension.. with anything, you feel like you’ve lost skills, or in my case are suddenly really unfit and wont make it without dying somewhere on the way.
I’ve done it before. Thought I’ve been ‘unfit’ and then done a really good run.
So not only did I blitz my run today, 5k in 30 mins, I did it with and average of 5.4min/km. The last long incline (the last km) adding 2 minutes.
To say I’m stoked is an understatement. A pretty good way to build one’s self-confidence!
The other part I’m stoked with…I went out without either my knee or ankle brace. No pain. At all.
I know it wont last, but you know, I’m going to love it while it lasts.

It’s time to keep moving. Get back in those shoes and RUN!  I felt so so good when I was done.


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