Running scared – no excuses

I've been lazy with my workouts. Its been busy at work - I've been lazy. Physically I am tired - I've been lazy. My body has ached and is sore - I've been lazy. I really want to run - I've been lazy. I really want to run - I've been scared. I'm scared it's … Continue reading Running scared – no excuses

Hobart 19/2/17

Sunday woke with clouds and crisp air. Drowsily my feet hit the floor and I stumbled around trying to wake up. At the same time I'm trying not to be so awake, the nerves had started already. You know the feeling, you're awake but trying to be asleep still. It's a weird way to describe … Continue reading Hobart 19/2/17

Cadbury Marathon

The time came round all too quickly and while I was confident about the race I am not really surprised with what happened. There were a few pivotal long runs I missed and some personal issues that knocked me about somewhat. Add to that an up close encounter with wildlife that nearly stopped the car … Continue reading Cadbury Marathon

Supplements and inside vs outside running….

Supplements. Ah, that dreaded word. You either love them or hate them. You live by them or can't be arsed. You're addicted to them or have no wish to try them.  No matter what side of the fence you sit on, we all have a perception of them and where they live within our own … Continue reading Supplements and inside vs outside running….