LCHF – the first week

March 25th.
On Friday, day 4, I weighed myself. I know it is just a number and it’s more about how things fit and how I feel, I just wanted a starting point, a reference. I haven’t stepped on the scales for a good two weeks so my only reference was the number from then.
Old number – 71.9 kg
New number (day 4) – 69.3 kg.
I also realise in the first couple of weeks, the weight loss can be attributed to water retention and other fluids that come from all the carbs and sugars we eat.

I started with earnest/properly on Monday 19 March 2018. I had a race the day before and didn’t want to change things too drastically before a run – you know the rules, don’t do new things the day of a run (or something like that) and hadn’t really finalised my research, I was simply behaving myself.
My food for the weekend consisted of:
Saturday 17th – banana pancakes with butter and large coffee, chocolate bar, eggs & bacon with toast, lettuce wrap burger with onion rings and sweet potato fries for dinner.
Sunday 18th – eggs and bacon with toast and coffee before the run, large coffee with lettuce wrap burger, banana muffin, toasted cheese sanga and coffee.

Monday 19th:
Due to a late home Sunday and very early leave for work I had noodles for lunch. Dinner was fried salmon with salad. Skipped the chips I cooked for boys. Felt ok, bloody tired. Drank 1 ltr water.

Tuesday 20th:
Home food: flat white, skim milk, large Ferrero Rocher, chicken and salad, coffee with cream, half a sugar.
Work: nestle coffee, salmon and salad, ryvitta with cream cheese.
Felt good, lighter (not bloated heavy), emotionally really good. Drank 1 ltr water.

Wednesday 21st:
Home: flat white, egg, latte, lettuce cup huge chicken burger, cheese slices.
Work: chicken egg salad, coffee, bag of chips, mini peanut butter cups x 4
I have to work on snacks and figuring out the replacement ‘carbs’. Toughish day. Didn’t help that it was quiet. Drinks lots of water, a per above. I find I am needing more water, feeling the need for more liquids.

Thursday 22nd:
Home: flat white x 2, 1 egg, steak in lots of creamy butter sauce, steamed veges (oh the pasta tempting me from the pot).
Work: nestle coffee x 2, mini pb cups x 2, beef salad, egg, 2 ryvitta with avocado. Lots of water.
A better day, still have to think about snacks. They are my downfall. Feeling good physically and emotionally. Went for my first run since starting. Wasn’t expecting much, it was meant to be slow so took my usual walk breaks. I was surprised at how good I felt, I really could have gone longer and or faster. Very happy.

Home: latte, prawn salad with lots of garlic and oily sauce, egg, salmon, cheese slices.
Work: chicken salmon salad, half a choc bunny, celery and pb. Lots of water.
Bad day, I was feeling I’ll when I got home so scoffed an egg, smoked salmon and chunks of cheese. Within 10 minutes I felt 100 times better. Had a coffee with half a sugar and cream. Loving it.
Weighed myself, happy with the numbers, and my clothes.

Saturday was much better. Feeling fantastic. Not heavy or bloated, there is a weird sensation of freedom. Had latte for breakfast, Vienna coffee with chicken chaser for lunch. Made the low carb pizza base for dinner with lots of bacon and cheese on top. Yum. Broke down and had a small scoop of ice cream. Skipped the chips in front of me on the table.
Did a slow 5k this afternoon, again, despite the humidity could have gone further.

Sunday has started off ok. I had salmon, egg and cheese with a cream coffee for breakfast and left over pizza for lunch. Later on I will be organising work lunches so I want to snack less on the rubbish foods (which I should be avoiding regardless).
I feel pretty good, it has only been a week. I’m taking each day as it comes.
It is weird after all these years of going low-fat, skim milk, light on the butter and cream, and watching the general consumption of cakes, chips and carbs to now going (what feels like) overboard with the fat stuff. Real cream in my coffee. Cheese like no tomorrow (I have 3 types in the fridge right now). Embracing the creamy sauce on food. I will be taking it easy and going by feel, I have to be consistent with my training and make sure I concentrate on the mini carbs(like ryvitta). All I know right now though, is that I feel fantastic and am willing to keep it up.