LCHF – the diary

May 1/2018
Seven weeks in.
The last few days have been really hard. I had pizza on Friday night – must have been a good dough as I felt no ill effects – then fried chicken the next day. I’m starting to struggle with variety and wondering if I’m not getting enough fats or carbs. If I am cutting out too many for what my body, for what I need. I will slowly add in more and see how I go with very small amounts rather than my almost, absolutely none approach.
The low carb/no carb cloud bread and fat head pizza base can stay, as will the cream in the coffee. I will go to more of a weight watchers-lchf hybrid way of life. Something along the lines of a slice of bread with breakfast or a tiny bowl of oats. One spoon of potato or pasta, cauliflower rice and concentrate on eating more of the good stuff. The things I know I can lose weight with. My running this last week has been so hit and miss, I am way tireder than I feel I should be. I will slowly add to this week for the next two days and the first official weigh in for the WW-LCHF will begin on Friday. May as well do it on the same day as the other.

April 27/2018
Stayed the same. 68.2kg.
I had a good week, a little lethargic, but overall not too bad.

April 20/2018

Week 5 and I’ve lost more. It doesn’t hurt that I had a weird Food reaction/mini virus that had me on the loo for 2 days. I ate well otherwise and am feeling fantastic. Still. Weight today 68.2 kg.

April 13/2018

Week 4 and I have gained 500gr. Im not surprised so can’t be disappointed given I ate my feelings (with lchf foods) and did very little excerise. An emotional eating week. That’s fine, lesson learnt, move along. Tomorrow is a new day.

April 9/2018

It’s been a full 3 weeks and I’m feeling fantastic. I never would have thought that giving up carbs, read, all the things I love, would be so good. I have mentioned that I have gravitated towards this for some time, and I’m so glad I did.

Friends have done this or similar diets for a long time and always spouted their effectiveness. I’ve either put it down to weird hippy thoughts or other such rubbish. Then comes the time where something clicks and it just works. The best analogy is a smoker. They know they should stop, but until they hit rock bottom or something major happens, they keep on going.

Anyway, this is not about how I started, it’s about how I am going.

Three weeks in and I have lost 2.5 kgs, I feel lighter, fresher and fuller more of the time. I’m drinking less coffee – which has got to be a good thing – more water (again, another good thing) and paying more attention to my food.

I’m not really missing the carbs like I thought I would. Eggs and bacon without toast is just as filling, coffee with real cream is simply divine, and burgers without a bun are more satisfying and tasty.

I’m not about to convince anyone else in the house to commit with me, which is fine, it’s more about making sure there is less junk in the house to be tempted by for them.

My running hasn’t been affected by it any more than it usually is by outside factors. I’m actually feeling better when I run, like less sludgy and heavy. I still have days where I feel fat and frumpy, but I think it’s likely to happen regardless.

I’m learning so much and keep reading new ideas and meal plans. Before I started this post, I made a list of the weeks meals for the grocery list. I’ve also got a list for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Lunch is not going to be as huge a problem as I can easily make salad, vege soup, or leftovers. It’s the late breakfast and snacks that I have to work out and control. Late breakfast because I start work at 6.30 and I’m hats too early for me to east a big meal. I’ll have an egg with my coffee, but by 8 iv done enough work that I am hungry again. Light snack or second breakfast.

I’ve read it a lot lately, and it’s made me think. This diet essentially goes against everything we are told for the get go about healthy eating. No fats, low-fat, few eggs, not fat on meat…low butter, cheese and creams. To be honest, after eating all the low-fat and carbs for nearly 20 years I am finally feeling full and properly satisfied when I’m done eating. Go figure. I said to myself I would give this a good go, not just a week or two, but a couple of months. Really push myself if it felt hard (not just give up at the smallest obstacle) and see where it takes me. Well I have surprised myself, and made myself proud. Yes it’s hard, I won’t say it’s not. So many foods have hidden carbs in them or are not as good as we first thought.

I’m loving it, and will continue on and see where it takes me.

My journey.

My life.

My health.

Don’t knock it until you try it.